Tuan Nguyen

I'm a programmer with experience in designing and building hundreds of apps for SMEs and individuals. We can create a full-blown app based solely on Google Sheets and Apps Script, saving our time, money and efforts.

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Google Apps Script

Google Apps Script is a programming developed and maintained by Google. It helps operate and automate Google Products with ease of use and low maintenance.


Run on the Cloud

Apps Script runs totally 100% on the cloud & 24/7. We can run the program anytime we want.


Wide range of use

Apps Script supports almost all of Google Apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.)


Low maintenance

Once the program is well-coded and clean, it can run well as long as we use it.

tech in use

Power Apps

Power Apps is a framework for building complex app from Microsoft. It allows us to leverage the strength of all tools inside Microsoft ecosystem from Excel to Sharepoint. You will have it all in your hands in just a short time.


Run on the Cloud

PowerApps runs 100% online, you can access to the App anywhere on earth as long as you have the internet.


Wide range of use

You can use the app for Personnel management, Stock management, Booking, Calculations, Tasks Scheduler and almost anything.


Low maintenance

Once it is well-programmed. You can use it effortless. No scheduled maintenance, no IT department to maintain.
More professional, more confident.

Don't take my words, take what I did...

The Sidebar

Customizable Sidebar

We can take advantage of customizable Sidebar to put controls and content to work with Google Sheets in the most convenient way.


The Dialog

We can use Dialog to interact with the current user. That's how to show what the interactive app is.


Programmable API

We can program API with Apps Script with ease. The API can be used to access Spreadsheets, read the Email or return desired JSON objects.

The Menu

Customizable Menu

We can add controls to the custom menu so the user can use it in Google Sheets. That shows how powerful Apps Script can handle.

The Trigger

Auto Trigger

We can use the trigger feature to trigger any function in the program to run at any specific time in a day. Moreover, the trigger also supports action-based when the user use the app. For example, I pull crypto price every 5 mins.

A Deskop App

Professional App

A professional and beautiful app is in your hands. We can build an app like this in a short time without the need of an IT team and massive budget.

A mobile app

A handful mobile app

We can create an handful mobile app to serve a specific purpose in the business. Push Notif or Staying updated is just a breeze.

Automate workflow

Automate the work

We can create worker to update significant info at a specific time, sending notif on specific conditions or even updating the database.

Expandable & Scalable

Easy to interact with web service

Apps Script can contact and fetch data from any services on the internet.

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